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Sarah & Gurtekh's Self-Directed: Underware


Sarah’s Research:

Underware are a Type Foundry based in Helsinki and Amsterdam. What is different about their Liza Pro type face is it is a live- script typeface meaning that their are variations for every letter so like handwriting it changes depending on what words are being written and what…

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Final Print ads

Sarah Chester & Gurtekh Singh

These are our five final print ads. We are extremely happy with the final results because we created identical final pieces to our marker visuals. The final pieces look realistic and unique and also we really thought about what materials and techniques we were going to use when drawing our marker visuals. 

We expanded on the print ads by making it assessable for us to create a motion banner as part of our campaign. Because using the goggles and glasses we are going to upload an actual video footage of some biker, skater or climber all falling over.

The first 3 print ads we believe are our strongest because there very similar and they get the message of across more clearly and effectively. Also we believe the quality of the image is very strong and professional.

As part of our brand awareness and social networking we included a QR code which links directly to the DECE Facebook page. Just to increase ‘Likes’ and therefore in will show up on peoples Newsfeed, increasing the brand awareness and people can visit the DECE site via the Facebook page. We also thought it would be important to include the DECE name somewhere within the print ads, just so people are aware what brand it is. This is because the logo doesn’t show DECE name clearly enough. 






Social Media Research- Facebook

Sarah Chester

This diagram shows how Facebook adverts create Demand fulfilment as well as Demand generation. It shows that the ads aren’t just display and for people to find out about the brand but it also creates sales too. Whereas using a search engine would just be categorised as demand fulfilment as the user has actively searched for that product.

This diagram shows how Facebook ads relate to the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) and it shows how their advert system allow you to target people at each of these points.

This advertising system would work well for Dece as they could choose to target people who are friends with people who already like Dece. Furthermore they could target people who already like competitor brands for example, Vans and Toms. Dece would also be able to target people from certain areas such as Sheffield as they have stockists in Sheffield.

I like how Facebook gives you an estimated number of how many people the ad could reach as this helps to determine whether to narrow down the target audience even more or not. As Dece are a relatively recent business they wouldn’t want to reach thousands of new consumers as they wouldn’t be able to handle that level of demand. Facebook advertising allows businesses to pick their target audience and also how many times a day the ad will be shown and this would work well for Dece to find new customers.

Dece’s target audience is 15-35 year old males and females and over 50% of of Facebook users are between this age range therefore showing that this is a good website to use to target prospective customers. Also the split of men and women using the site is very equal which again shows it will be a good place to target new customers.

50% of active users log on in to Facebook every day, this shows that the social network is extremely popular and users find the content interesting enough to want to check the site regularly.

More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) are shared each month- this is important as it shows that Dece could share various types of content on Facebook to interest their new consumer base for example, they could upload a video on their Facebook wall about their brand which consumers could view and therefore increase their brand awareness. If interesting a Facebook user my then decide to ‘share’ the content on their wall therefore showing the Dece brand to even more potential customers. 


Michael Duff research

Final Video

Although the visuals are a big part of the video, we thought we could take it further and have it be used as a radio piece. It would have be released a period of time after the video piece, so more people are aware of the campaign, so the visuals wouldn’t be needed.

But we thought its good for the budget as everything has already been recorded so no extra cost would have to be incurred to produce it. 

Elements E: Levi's workshops


As part of the ‘Go Forth’ Marketing campaign Levi’s put on a series of print workshops located in their shops in San Francisco, they offered opportunities for visitors to try screen printing, letter press, design t-shirts and meet local artists.

Levi’s has continued to do different kinds of…

Elements E: Levi's 'Stupid' campaign


Sarah Chester & Gurtekh Singh

We started looking at print campaigns in order to find out where abouts we should place our logo and strap line. Looking at Levi’s ‘Stupid’ campaign their copy is very bold as they want you to read that first before looking at the picture which is unusual…